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Hello there,

If you’ve been following my posts for a while then you might have realized that I’m not good at blogging regularly, especially when it comes to my work. However, after over a month of coding, and over two months of being accepted into the Google Summer of Code, I am proud to share some tangible development that I have done. After some slight changes, my working branch of KGet, now has a good minimal support for Metalink HTTP as described by RFC 6249.
Here is a brief summary of what it supports

  • Download from multiple mirrors as specified in the HTTP header response
  • Secure verification of hashes as specified in the HTTP header response.


Here is a set of pictures to show its test use while downloading




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Technopreneur- Reaching out Beyond Technology

Usually when it comes to entrepreneurship, students from the field of technology/engineering either lag behind or end up making a totally commercial venture(like Google or Facebook). However, as lame or as un-practical it may seem the technological graduates in today’s India hardly are interested in anything beyond placements or a green card of the United States. Moreover, what bugs people “with dreams” is that only of handful of them really end up creating jobs while the majority ends up working (like graduates from all other fields). Agreed, that even the engineers need to work for some corporation or people, BUT the government didn’t spend billions of Rupees in developing infrastructure and training them at subsidised costs so that they end up as “easy meat” for MNC’s(who’ll eventually brainwash them). So what is expected of them????


Yup…..the idea may sound a little too ideal and a lot far fetched for anyone. But hey, calling India as “The superpower in making” isn’t going to help at all.

So, yes I guess its time that the people in India’s elite engineering colleges break out of their laptop facing rooms and stare into the REAL WORLD, where CHANGE is possible through TECHNOLGY.

Facebook’s with new Photo tags

Reports have it that the all so popular “Social Networking Heavyweight” , Facebook has started up a new feature that shall allow the user to tag photos with more easiness than before.

According to the popular Mashable website, “If you’ve got a large album or a lot of friends in a single photo, this process is inefficient and tedious. To solve this problem, Facebook has implemented face detection technology that will automatically find faces in photos and select them, eliminating one of the most tedious steps in tagging Facebook friends in photos. Your friends are already selected by the software — all you have to do is answer the Facebook prompt, “Whose face is this?””.

What seems to a natural act of letting the users of Facebook have a more Facebook based upload and tagging plugin, Facebook seems to be going in the right direction, at least for now.

Reports had it that earlier this year, Facebook was seeing a heavy rise in the uploads done by the Third Party based Facebook Apps, which made uploading and tagging much simpler.

When I went to check out such apps, one of them called LiveUpolad, a plugin in the hugely popular Microsoft’s Window’s Live Photo Gallery has a better functionality than Facebook’s plugin.

However, one thing still comes as a non-surprise package  as the post on Facebook to bring this new feature was written by Sam Odio, one of the co-founders of Divvyshot, which Facebook acquired back in April in order to improve the Photos product.