Tweeting or showing off ?

It was last month that I took up a Goliath task that was hanging outside my doorstep, and now I find myself so immersed in the same “task” that others seem mundane to its glory.

Still thinking what is that I’m talking about?


Well, it’s the world of “Twitter”, where everyone you ever dreamed of “following”, ( I mean everyone including the hot babe living next door to the handyman of the community to the President of United States himself) could be followed by a simple mouse click.

Considering this fact, I too started following or in my terms “stalking” , people from the Hollywood, Bollywood, Kollywood, and all those other “woods” that the world doesn’t know about (Believe me it’s fun).Moreover, with the 2010 FIFA World Cup going on, Twitter seemed to be a “trending” topic in the webosphere , I thought I lived in. However, I was WRONG.

It’s really hard to believe but Twitter considers itself a “Small Company of about 200 employees”. Considering the fact that it’s a small company and popular in the developed world, Twitter seems to highly unlikely to be the “future of Web”.

And just in order to make myself believe that Tweeting is a much smaller task for the web, I went on to do some research of my own.

Firstly before you people come across some boring Facts and figures of my research, I’d like you people to ask yourself the two things that are listed below……..(and relax, they’re to Rocket Science Questions)

  1. How often, in comparison to other web sites of its “calibre” do we see Twitter Crashing or the “Fail Whale” of Twitter?
  2. How many of your Facebook friends are actually on Twitter?

Trust me people, until you live in some “Developed” nation or a “Hippocratic Third World Society”, Twitter seems to be another “trending” web trend, that’ll die out quite a bit soon.

And here’s the proof for that,

Searchs for "facebook"

The Facebook stats

Searches in Google for "facebook"

The Twitter stats

And, if we look at both of the graphs properly, we see the ultimate result that Twitter is more of a over rated web phenomenon than Facebook, at least in the developing world.

And for the Tech Connected Developed world, Twitter could still be the “Next Big Thing”.



  1. TR Said:

    Nice blog… to read a nice blog after a long time.

  2. Dipesh Said:

    Well written…. 😉

  3. Dipesh Said:

    nice one….

  4. raj Said:

    well written……….

  5. sid shady Said:

    hey dude i m sure u got sum bribe frm twitter to popularise it among d masses and to ground fb…. dint ya ! 😛

    • technocules Said:

      @sid shady: Actually, all the data in the web site is real. Its from Google. And trust me its and independent blog, no bribes what so ever. 😉

      • sid shady Said:

        heheheh!! ….. vl c tat !! 😀

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